Software Developer or Solution Provider

Companies or startups looking to outsource their Website Development requirements tend to look for companies that have worked extensively on a platform that relates to their own requirement. However the competition around sometimes makes it difficult to choose the right provider, especially in the SME segment.

Customers often burn their pockets failing to choose the right software development company. Many companies simply look at low cost advantage which may is not the best approach. It is an understandable argument that cost should not be the only, but one of the most important aspects in decision making by a customer looking to outsource any software development work. Cost is directly proportional to quality. But even if the customer is willing to pay a premium, it is not just the IT experience skill set within the offshore software company that needs to be looked at.

There are two types of software companies:
1. That speaks technology
2. That speaks business.

A company that speaks technology may not get you anywhere; they can be labeled as software developers. However, a software company that speaks business is fair to be called a solution provider.

When we talk of software outsourcing, an important reason apart from cost is the “Value Add” that can come with it. A solution provider enacts the role of a consultant and a software or web developer i.e. someone who understands the business objectives of a requirement and appreciates the need of the solution a customer desires, thereby providing his own ideas and inputs to make the requirement a success. Sometimes customers do not know what they want although they may have an idea to speak of.

A software solution provider’s role increases to larger proportions by involving the sometimes technically ill customer in discussions of importance like choosing the right servers and languages for important reasons and why certain methodologies were chosen. A successful offshore outsourcing company will seek long term relations and transparency in business always leads to success in the long run. Intelgain Technologies, a premier offshore development company works on long term partnerships with customers for outsourced website development work and follows a CMM level process methodology to ensure timely delivery of software applications.

A review has shown that customers are also very focused on post development support. Usually, implementation tends to drag a little and that’s where focus is sometimes lost. It is a make or break situation and its important that commitment to implementation should be adhered to. Success is for everyone to share if the venture is a success. The solution provider will receive only raves and this leads to good business prospects and leads through references.
Therefore when choosing an offshore company it is very important to look into the customer references of top managers and of course past projects. An interesting way of deciding on an offshore company is to invite concept notes based on the requirement with their interpretation of the requirement and the proposed method of implementation.

Assuming the customer has a decent budget and is looking to outsource on a larger scale, prototype development is a good way of judging the capabilities. A successful outsourcing relationship is always complementary and never one sided.

So next time when outsourcing, choose a solution provider and see how it adds value to your business Intelgain Technologies adds tremendous value to its customers’ businesses through its process driven implementation methodology using tools like ASP.NET, PHP, MYSQL, Ajax, Joomla, Word Press to implement various client requirements.