Software Developer or Solution Provider

Companies or startups looking to outsource their Website Development requirements tend to look for companies that have worked extensively on a platform that relates to their own requirement. However the competition around sometimes makes it difficult to choose the right provider, especially in the SME segment.

Customers often burn their pockets failing to choose the right software development company. Many companies simply look at low cost advantage which may is not the best approach. It is an understandable argument that cost should not be the only, but one of the most important aspects in decision making by a customer looking to outsource any software development work. Cost is directly proportional to quality. But even if the customer is willing to pay a premium, it is not just the IT experience skill set within the offshore software company that needs to be looked at.

There are two types of software companies:
1. That speaks technology
2. That speaks business.

A company that speaks technology may not get you anywhere; they can be labeled as software developers. However, a software company that speaks business is fair to be called a solution provider.

When we talk of software outsourcing, an important reason apart from cost is the “Value Add” that can come with it. A solution provider enacts the role of a consultant and a software or web developer i.e. someone who understands the business objectives of a requirement and appreciates the need of the solution a customer desires, thereby providing his own ideas and inputs to make the requirement a success. Sometimes customers do not know what they want although they may have an idea to speak of.

A software solution provider’s role increases to larger proportions by involving the sometimes technically ill customer in discussions of importance like choosing the right servers and languages for important reasons and why certain methodologies were chosen. A successful offshore outsourcing company will seek long term relations and transparency in business always leads to success in the long run. Intelgain Technologies, a premier offshore development company works on long term partnerships with customers for outsourced website development work and follows a CMM level process methodology to ensure timely delivery of software applications.

A review has shown that customers are also very focused on post development support. Usually, implementation tends to drag a little and that’s where focus is sometimes lost. It is a make or break situation and its important that commitment to implementation should be adhered to. Success is for everyone to share if the venture is a success. The solution provider will receive only raves and this leads to good business prospects and leads through references.
Therefore when choosing an offshore company it is very important to look into the customer references of top managers and of course past projects. An interesting way of deciding on an offshore company is to invite concept notes based on the requirement with their interpretation of the requirement and the proposed method of implementation.

Assuming the customer has a decent budget and is looking to outsource on a larger scale, prototype development is a good way of judging the capabilities. A successful outsourcing relationship is always complementary and never one sided.

So next time when outsourcing, choose a solution provider and see how it adds value to your business Intelgain Technologies adds tremendous value to its customers’ businesses through its process driven implementation methodology using tools like ASP.NET, PHP, MYSQL, Ajax, Joomla, Word Press to implement various client requirements.

Effective Free Classifieds Advertising for Business Success

Free classified ads, as the name denotes, are cost free unlike in the earlier times where one had to spend money in order to place ads in newspapers, television etc. With the invention of internet technology, the methods of advertising have gone through tremendous and beneficial changes. People have begun to advertise their sales and services online. Through these classifieds, people post ads of cars, mobile phones, accessories, and furniture and property dealings. Posting on Free classified ads has become an inexpensive, faster and easily accessible way of advertising today. Don’t you think so?

Ireland classifieds are very useful in the business world contrary to the belief that these are not very prospective. Many of these sites at free Ireland classified ads are free of cost. There are a number of free links and sub links. These are also advantageous in adding business links to the ads and a huge money saver.

These days, a number of sites are offering free classifieds. They are very effective in promoting business. Free ads Ireland is useful in many ways. Since people always want to buy and sell something or the other. Internet and its technology have brought a great change in the way people are buying/selling things these days. By using free classifieds you can not only avail the best services in Ireland but also provide your business services to browsers. Small businessmen post small ads that are attractive along with their email address, so that browsers attention gets grabbed and they will contact the seller for further information about the product. Free ads Ireland also create the possibility of buying economic and needed things. Purchasing online is a very convenient, easy and selected way of purchasing. Now days, everybody wants to bargain or get things free and so, classified ads are a great way to begin way to begin with. Do you agree with me?

Do you know that there are a number of ways to earn money online in Ireland? Let us see how…There are full time as well as part time ventures that help you earning money online in Ireland. This will assist you in analyzing your capabilities with an online job. But beware…one must hold on to the regular job offline as well. The easiest way to earn money is to tie up with ad companies. Create your own blog. Another way is through marketing. If you are sound in English skills, you can start writing online content for site owners. Setting up one’s own site and optimizing it can ensure that your site is on the top list and can easily be found by browsers.
What is blog writing? Earlier blog writing was used for expressing opinions and personal views. But now, it has turned into a popular activity of earning money online. Posting ads and writing for blogs is the easiest and economic way of earning which again depends on the traffic it can generate. Companies reading your ads/contents to their liking may want to hire you on a regular basis.

In the past, people had to read the news papers listen to the radio or personally go shopping to make the purchases, but with the advent of internet technology businessmen are cashing in on free business ads globally. There is no product today which is not advertized online, be it books, mobile phones, cars, medications, accessories etc by the internet marketing companies. The final goal of promoting the products and services is to get their sales and profits increased via free classified ads. Free internet classifieds have taken over the business world are the most sought after means of keeping in touch directly with buyers and sellers alike. This in turn is generating a huge saving and profits to both the parties. So, go ahead and create magical wonders for yourself and your business.

Inbound Marketing Tips for Startups

The modern business landscape has made great strides when it comes to the use of technology. Online marketing has yielded positive results for virtual traders, wishing to capitalize on the popularity of the internet in business. For startups that focus on inbound marketing, it may be a tricky situation.

Given the rapid change in technologies and innovation, business owners may find it hard to keep up with the pace. Forward thinking businesses need to have a number of guidelines, to help put in place an effective marketing approach. With these, it is possible to get more conversions, returns, and constant traffic. An inbound marketing blueprint revolves around getting noticed, appealing to clients to convert, and of course keeping the tabs on successes. Here are some pointers to help you understand inbound marketing.

Products Are Primary

Online marketing as a whole is one competitive business, and with inbound marketing, it doesn’t mean the results are automatic. You will need to believe in your products to make headway, where the customer is concerned. At the same time, it is crucial to make sure that your product features, package, messaging, and client support are efficient. This concept will only bring desired results if the product can deliver what it promised respective customers.

Relevance and Influence in SEO

Inbound marketing and content are inseparable. This means that you should put lots of emphasis on content relevance, and how it will perform with search engines. Users will be looking for valuable content on the best ranked sites. You will be in a better position if you know how to optimize your content and the information structure. This can be achieved by upgrading your interface experience. In return, search engines will use it as a cue to lead your target audience to your improved site. Remember to integrate brand and domain dominance over your competitors, so that you are always on top.

Design Credibility and Usability

The internet is continuously changing. This means other sites could be inventing ways of grabbing your client base and shifting them to their domains. The catch here lies in inventing engaging and creative ways of keeping your customers glued to your site. The best approach here would be investing in website design. No one wants to interact across a mundane platform, while they can get the same product form another colorful site.

Establish Brand as an Authority

If you are able to sell as a brand to existing and prospecting clients, the returns will be comforting. Here, you can use inbound marketing as a priority concept to market your content and brand as an authority. With valuable info, the customer will want to keep buying your products, backed by the assurance of such content. If you know how to break new horizons with great content, your audience will be more inclined to stay with you.

Content is King

Online marketing and content paired up can make the difference for any business struggling to make conversions. The more you integrate interesting content, the better your inbound marketing results. An all-inclusive content and brand initiative will rank well within leading search engine results. Once your target audience gets the valuable info together with an engaging landing page, you are bound to get more traffic and of course get the customers to convert. Remember to incorporate social media in all this. With the best available content, interactivity and more leads are bound to be created.